A friend wished me ‘Happy Halloween’.

I asked her if she knows what Halloween represents and she said ‘NO’ and that she was just wishing me that…

Probably because she has seen it online and with several photos and arts flooding the social media this year than ever.


I have always been aware of Halloween but I have never seen Africa as aware of it as much as that of this year.

Africans, what do you understand about Halloween?


Before you go off asking me what I understand about Christmas and the rest, I’d like to point out that you should get some common sense and ask yourself what dressing as a ghost/monster/demon and watching horror films adds to your life.

Its just for fun, right?

It’s fun dressing like a demon and all the grotesque creatures you can think of?

Why do you think we celebrate a thing?

Don’t you know that you please what you celebrate?

Celebrate what you please BUT remember that you please what you celebrate and trust me, when you please a thing, it becomes fond of you.

Celebrate what you please BUT please, leave me out of it.


Whatever is noble, praise-worthy, of good taste, of value and is wholesome is what I celebrate.

Don’t wish me happy horror or grotesque creatures. I am not part of that.
I am not swept away by cultures I do not understand or that I OVERSTAND.

When you see something flooding timelines and trending that you don’t know about, dig a bit into it by researching about it.

Don’t try to feel cool by jumping on the trend and feeling those who don’t are ‘archaic’.
The mark of the beast will be easy to spread on the social media because people usually jumps on what’s trending.

Even God’s very elect will be deceived by these things.

And please, don’t tell me people are hypocrites for accepting ekpo masquerades in their villages and rejecting Halloween. Ekpo masquerades and every culture that threatens the sanity and wholesomeness of our life and minds should be abolished.

I stand against such unwholesome cultures.


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