If you are still running ministry the same way your forefathers ran it or the same way you have been running it, one Sunday you will come to church and discover that even your wife and children have changed church to somewhere more interesting.

JESUS said, “let your fruits remain”. For the fruits you have to remain you must always think of ways to retain them while you go out to fish for others. You must think of new ways to catch sinners into the church. Is only in church that most of the people don’t know that they need to hire thinkers. People with innovative ideas that are born again and spirit filled. The ideas you see from MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, GLO like the midnight calls etc are all ideas brought by people.

JESUS said to my Uncle in Luke 5:10, “fear not; from henceforth you will catch men”. The reason JESUS used ‘catch’ is because He knows that man has the capacity to Run. Let us study a little about the fish. You will all agree with me that fishes are very slippery, and if you catch fish, any little chance that fish sees to enter into the ocean that fish is gone. That is how man is. JESUS didn’t make an iota of mistake for using fish as a case study. And for fishes to stay and not die you must keep changing water. Let me teach on water and changing of water for today.

WATER here means life. And the word of GOD is life. You must be filled with the word of GOD. You must not stay a day without studying the bible. I know that most pastors have gone to look for job because the members won’t give good offering etc and this pastors also have bills to pay so they don’t have much time again to study the bible and to hear the voice of GOD for the people and to prepare good sermon….

CHANGING OF WATER means that, you must be very creative at every service, even holy communion service. Who said in a Sunday service if a preacher does not stand to preach the HOLY SPIRIT won’t move? In most parts of the bible JESUS ‘sat’ and taught/preached etc(Luke 5:3). You too can sit down and preach on a church service day. It is called creativity.
…to be continued.




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