The story of Easter is a long standing story, transcending generations.

History reveals God’s ultimate price for humanity, when he sacrificed His beloved Son Jesus, the Christ, so man can enjoy eternal life with Him in glory.

As Christians, Easter reaffirms our faith in God and reminds us of the victory we have over the devil. Jesus shed His blood for the remission of and atonement for our sins. This great sacrifice can never be erased from our lives,  His death brought salvation and hope to mankind,  that is the reason Easter will remain a remarkable PASSION. Christ first loved us passionately as friends and gave up his life for us. The simple message we try to convey and re-echo through the CANTATA is – “LOVE”.

As captured in one of our (Karis) favorite songs…

God’s kind, a perfect love, a great love
This kind of endless love for you and me
It’s called AGAPE love, unconditional love
It’s the greatest love of all…

Ekpenyong Okon Bassey
Chief Singer on Instruments ( CSI).


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