OMENESA ORUMA AKOMOLAFE( Aka: Lady O), the nightingale, the chanteuse, the melodist, the POWER HOUSE, she is out with 2 spine chilling songs, promised to keep your headphones glued to your buds. July 19th, 2017, makes it official.

RENEW (Produced by Segun Samuel): ” I wrote this song heading to minister at a church in Asaba, Nigeria. I remember racing to the service late because I couldn’t leave my hotel room till I completed the song. God just showered the lyrics on me and I was compelled to keep writing. We all need a renewal from God.

MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THIS( Produced by Segun Samuel): This song was written while I was still desperately praying for children. After 1 miscarriage, I was sure I was pregnant this particular month. After ministering to thousands of people in Aba Nigeria, I sat in my hotel room in agony and I uttered MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THIS. I wrote this song there and then as I had just returned from the hospital which showed a negative pregnancy test. Since then I have lost 3 embryos, and I no longer worry because I know God knows what is best for me”.

This intoner OMENESA, has opened up for Presidents, Bishops, Celebrities. ” Most of all, “I have sang for the King of Kings, and that is the greatest platform there will ever be”

My 4th album is packed with songs that will bless you. They were written from the core of my heart, but enjoy these 2 first. ”

2 music videos are in the works for OMENESA. She travels worldwide sharing Jesus to every living soul. Her parents Bishop Ben & Rev ( Mrs) Joy Oruma, set an indelible pace for her and she has longated it with great strides.

Her American Idol Pursuits, Sunday Best Auditions, Gospel Dream Quest….her numerous itinerant ministrations, women’s campaign for emotional healing, businesses in Nigeria and frequently shuttling New York to Africa, has paid off for OMENESA bigtime, as she has managed to enter the crevices of government and secular territories.

She is an all rounder. An Ordained Pastor. An Emotional Nudist, and writes for Pastors and busy people:)

She has a story of suicide attempts in her teenage years, backslid in her early twenties, suffered from many forms of abuse and chronic depression. Many triumphs were delayed for this crooner, but they still came to pass. She has a testimony that will blow your mind.

OMENESA has been serving in Nigeria for almost a year, giving of her time and philanthropic heart to organizations and many lives. She heads back to the United States of America Fall 2017,  where she and her husband( Pastor , Psalmist & Cinematographer) reside, to continue spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through her evangelical ministry and her music, which is undeniably a blessing to millions of lives.

You cannot watch Omenesa Live on stage, without being encompassed. You cannot listen to Omenesa’ s songs, without being healed. Plain and Simple. Download Now and Enjoy!

Download Make something out of this

Download Renew


  1. Comment: Great one mama, I needed this words like now. God bless and increase u ma. God is making something out of my challenge now. Amen.


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