Kathie Lee Gifford says she was saved thanks to Billy Graham

Nearly six months after her husband’s death, Kathie Lee Gifford opened up to Christianity Today, telling the publication how she came to know Christ as a young girl after watching the Billy Graham movie “The Restless Ones.”

In other interviews, Gifford talks about the devotion both her and her husband, Frank, had to their marriage and about how her faith has shaped her life.

Gifford’s gives the Gospel message when she says of her Christian life, “But the story of my life—and I dare say any Christian’s life—is not the story of my faithfulness to God but of his faithfulness to me.”

‘Spotlight’ takes home coveted best picture Oscar award

A movie set in the early 2000s about The Boston Globe breaking open the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal won best picture last night at the Oscar’s. “Spotlight” takes a hard look at the journalistic investigative process and subsequent series of stories that revealed a pattern of abuse that took place in Boston-area Catholic churches and spread.

With last fall’s release of the movie, and in an attempt to be transparent, the church has been more vocal about changes made since then and they even referenced the movie and their subsequent investigation.

Christian hostages released from ISIS captivity after ransom paid

After receiving millions in ransom payments, ISIS released the last of 230 Christian hostages its held for almost a year’s time.

According to Newsweek, 43 hostages were released Feb. 22 after ISIS received the ransom payment, and the news was confirmed by The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organization, who also posted the names and photos of the released.

The release comes after ISIS rejected last year’s ransom offer of $1 million and instead demanded $100,000 per hostage.

Presidential candidate wants to keep religious views out of business

Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t think sexual orientation should factor into any business when deciding whether or not to take on a client. “If you’re in the business of commerce, conduct commerce. That’s my view,” Kasich said in Thursday’s GOP debate. “And if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, say a prayer for them when they leave.”

The candidate reaffirmed his belief that religious institutions should be able to practice their religion, but was less understanding of those denying clients.

Religious liberty protection group Alliance Defending Freedom responded Friday, Feb. 26, by saying in a news release that they differentiate between a business refusing “…to serve an entire class of persons regardless of what they request and declining to promote a message you disagree with regardless of who requests it…”

Donald Trump says he’s being audited because of his ‘strong Christian beliefs’

Conservative and Christian groups alike are reacting strongly after presidential candidate Donald Trump said last week he may be under a tax audit because he’s a Christian.

Jonah Goldberg for National Review Online questioned Trump’s statement of faith being “strong,” and Jonathan Merritt, writing for the Religion News Service, said Trump is playing the “persecuted Christian” card. After last week’s GOP debate in Texas, candidate Donald Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an interview (video) that he’s being targeted for a tax audit possibly because of his belief system, linking himself to the past IRS targeting of conservative Christian groups.

Trump told Cuomo regarding his tax audit, “Well, maybe because of the fact that I’m a strong Christian, and I feel strongly about it and maybe there’s a bias.”


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