‘America’s Pastor’ Max Lucado publicly questions Trump’s decency

A guest piece in the Washington Post by Christian pastor Max Lucado picked up steam online with over 30,000 shares on Facebook, resonating with Christians nationwide as Lucado used the column to question presidential GOP candidate Donald Trump’s decency.

Lucado wrote, “The leading Republican candidate to be the next leader of the free world would not pass my decency interview.”

The post has spurred conversation on many Christian websites, even allowing Lucado multiple platforms to explain his reasoning for breaking his silence. A follow
-up blog post, “Worried Enough to Pray,” was published a few days later.

Supreme Court hears first abortion case without the late Catholic Justice Antonin Scalia

Abortion laws in Texas took center stage at the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday, as the court heard arguments about a Texas law requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and abortion clinics to have hospital-like standards.

This was the first case revolving around pro-life issues, which were near to the heart of the late Catholic Justice Antonin Scalia’s pro-life views. Critics say the law has shut down abortion clinics statewide, thus limiting what they say are freedoms for women. Proponents of the law say they are trying to protect women from sub-par standards.

British postgrad student expelled for using Bible in Facebook post about gay marriage

Looking to enter the social work field in Britain? Make sure you steer clear of quoting the Bible on Facebook. This is the message one postgraduate student in Britain received after supporting Kentucky law clerk Kim Davis in her fight against gay marriage and the subsequent discussion that took place on his private Facebook account.

The student, 38-year-old Felix Ngole, said, “My beliefs about marriage and sexual ethics reflect mainstream, biblical understanding, shared by millions around the world.” The university told Ngole that his post was offensive and not befitting the field of social work.

Final days for Christian country singer Joey Feek after release of last album, ‘Hymns’

Fans worldwide have been following closely along with the country duet Joey + Rory as they share their faith through the journey of Joey’s terminal cancer. Just days after celebrating her own birthday and her daughter’s second birthday, Joey’s husband, Rory, reflects on his journey with his bride in his latest blog post, “One last kiss.”

He writes about how Joey has slipped into a deep sleep and is nearing the end as she said good-bye to her family, making time to give their 2-year-old a last kiss. Around the same time Joey slipped into a deep sleep, the duo released their last album, “Hymns,” which has been hailed as a “tender, parting gift.”

Chick-fil-A encourages face time for guests with ice dream incentive

In it’s continuing quest to promote family values based off its Christian work ethic, Chick-fil-A has a new promotion to encourage diners to ditch the phone and spend their meal time talking. In fact, they want their patrons to take this seriously and are offering free ice dream cones to those who put their cell phones in cell phone coop.

The promo, “All Cooped Up,” offers customers a trade – put your phone in a supplied “coop” container and earn a free dessert cone. Only 150 locations nationwide are rolling out the program, which initiated in a Suwanee, Georgia, location.


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