Trump wins South Carolina handedly

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump won the South’s first Republican primary Saturday, Feb. 20, while Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz battled out for second place.

The South Carolina primary was a true test for the Northern Republican Trump, but he walked away with a 34 percent share of the evangelical vote, besting Cruz’s 26 percent and Rubio’s 21 percent of evangelical voters.

After disappointing results Saturday, candidate Jeb Bush announced he will suspend his campaign. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Gov. John Kasich and Ben Carson remain.

Clinton pulls out a win in Nevada caucuses giving much-needed win over Sanders

Hillary Clinton is leaving Nevada with an almost 53 percent caucus win over Sen. Bernie Sanders 47 percent Saturday, Feb. 21, building on her lead in the Democratic presidential race after last week’s New Hampshire loss.

Clinton used solid support from African Americans to propel her to victory, winning the third state in the Democrats line up. Both candidates head to South Carolina next for the Feb. 27 primary date.

Pope says contraception may be ok use to prevent Zika virus spread

Pope Francis made ripples across the world as he answered questions in a mid-flight press conference Thursday, Feb. 18. When asked about the comparison of abortion and contraception use in cases of the Zika virus, the Pope – although not positively confirming its use – said:

 “On the other hand, avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil.”

The Pope then pointed to other small exceptions throughout history where the ruling Pope had allowed contraception use.

Is the Dalai Lama in good health? He says he is

After a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, which began in January, for prostate treatment, the Dalai Lama addressed health concerns before a crowd of 3,000 Sunday, Feb. 21.

The 80-year-old Tibetan Buddhist leader told his crowd of followers and supporters that he’s been receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic for 10 years.

Georgia legislature sends religious bill back to state House; vote expected next week

The Georgia Senate voted Friday on its own merging of two religious-based bills, sending the House’s single version of one of the bills back greatly modified.

The Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act are largely crafted to protect religious leaders and even businesses that reject clients based on religious reasoning. Critics called the bill harmful to civil rights of homosexuals.

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