The Planning Committee of West Africa’s biggest all youth Awards Scream Awards uses this medium to tender our unreserved apology for the current crash of our website servers. As regrettably informed by our technical crew, a traffic surge higher than the current hosting capacity of the website hit the website as we launched the 2016 voting process.While this is regrettably bad news, it also shows a 200 percent increase(as obtained in one day) in the voting participation statistics of our platform this year. While we thank everyone for the level of commitment and diehard support shown over the years, we promise to get our website restored in 24hrs as we are currently working on the website upgrade. Thank you for the belief and the confidence bestowed upon us. We wish everyone luck at the polls and hope to see everyone on the 4th of December 2016.

                            Sandra Uduimoh
                Director, External relations
        Scream Awards Planning C’ttee


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