Pay Your Vows – MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017

-PSALM 116:10-19

Key Verse:

“I will pay my vows unto the LORD now in the presence of all his people”

(Psalm 116:14).

Our desires strongly influence our lives. At times, we wish to have something so badly that we can go any length to obtain it. Some people in business and industry have a ruthless, cutthroat desire to succeed, and they can ruin other people’s lives and careers to reach their goals. A few even devote their lives to acquiring modern houses, priceless art, latest and rare automobiles, antiquities and other fine things to satisfy their cravings. Today’s text reveals the psalmist’s gratitude to God for answered prayers and deliverance from the sorrows of death, the pains of hell, tears and for being alive (verses 1-9). He was so grateful that he inquired of what he would render to God for all His benefits toward him. Firstly, to show gratitude, he decided to evangelise and be more prayerful. Secondly, he recalled that he had made some vows in moments of prayers, which he was yet to pay. Vow is so important to God that He devoted a whole chapter on the subject in the Old Testament – Numbers 30. The meaning of these verses is that we should not lightly make a vow to God to acquire something. How many promises or commitments have you wilfully or hastily made to others or have been made to you, either by a parent, or a friend, or a business associate, which have been forgotten or ignored? You may have mentally suppressed your commitment or even wilfully violated it. God does not take reneging on our promises lightly. He considers it to be sin when we fail to perform what we have promised. Not paying our vows, to God and man, is sin against God.
Thought for the day: God does not take reneging on our promises lightly.
Bible Reading in one Year: 1 SAMUEL 30-31



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