Verse 1:
Most Unusual Sound for an Instrumental Creativity
Too much positivity, versatility in its totality
So unified, qualified, really defined, magnified, glorified, prophecied, analyzed, beautified, sanctified, modernized
Fusion, a vision, music introduction, a voice training section, an instrumental intersection, a whole new direction, musical submission
Gets u motivated and connected, educated, spiritually affected, addicted, unsigned for an appreciated level well automated

Listen to the Talking Drum
Te Ti Si Gongon (2x
Listen to my music
Mellifluous Music
Te Ti Si Gongon
Te Ti Si Gongon

Verse 2:
So many times I realize the only way to get to the throne is to make a place for the Lord to worship and praise him coz he deserves it alone
Let the whole world know,
Ma knees on the ground, ma hands, ma eyes up above, when I see the sun rising,
I realize his mercies and grace his name I adore and his praises I’d Love
So just dance, shake ur body, move it like you just don’t care,
Take no chance, we doing this for the Lord Stand on your feet no fear
Just dance, just dance
Sing a new song to the Lord

Downoad Talking Drum By Mellifluous


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