Report: Five states only have one abortion clinic; abortion numbers shrinking

Analysis by Bloomberg Business shows that 162 abortion providers across the U.S. have closed since 2011 while only 21 opened.

Mississippi, Missouri, North and South Dakota and Wyoming have only one remaining abortion clinic as lawmakers have tightened regulations on providers, much to the chagrin of abortion advocates.

Pro-life groups celebrate the news and await the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing this year on the Texas law restricting providers.

Both sides gear up for Supreme Court appointment fight; Scalia suffered from health issues

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated his party’s position against President Barack Obama nominating an appointment for the empty slot on the U.S. Supreme Court by saying there’s not a “snowball’s chance in hell” the nomination would be considered.

The spot was vacated almost two weeks ago after Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died. Scalia’s doctor said in a letter Wednesday that the justice had a variety of health problems. President Obama has been adamant in public statements saying he will put forth a nomination.

T-shirt ban upheld by High Court in Malaysia

Yellow t-shirts with the word “Bersih 4,” meaning “clean” have been banned by a Malaysian High Court in another attack on free speech. Protestors designed and wore the identifiable shirts to protest their government, sending the message they wanted to clean the governmental house.

“The T-shirts have now become a symbol of our struggle for democracy and human rights in Malaysia,” said Maria Chin Abdullah, chairwoman of Bersih 2.0, a clean-government advocacy group that organized the protests.

Georgia’s highest court will hear case of KKK highway adoption

A group of Georgia Ku Klux Klan members has taken its fight to adopt a stretch of Georgian highway to the Georgia Supreme Court in arguments Monday, Feb. 22.

The group has been trying unsuccessfully for three years to participate in the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program. The state argues the sign announcing the group’s adoption of the stretch of highway would be inappropriate.

The KKK group argues they have a constitutional right to pick up trash through the program, and if they can be stopped others can as well.

Booklet highlighting Queen’s faith set to be published

The Bible Society in the United Kingdom is getting ready to publish a booklet “The Servant Queen and the King She Serves,” which will help mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.

According to the Anglican News, the booklet will offer “rare insights into the Queen’s personal thoughts and Christian faith.” Evangelist Franklin Graham said on his Facebook page Wednesday, Feb. 24, that he is looking forward to reading the booklet.

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