There is no other character that has shaped and defined the history of mankind like Jesus. So much has been written and said about Him, but this book is not another attempt ?to explain who Jesus is. Here we allow Jesus to do that for Himself in His own words

Just as the title says, the book contains only the words spoken by Jesus in the Gospels and other books in the New Testament. It also includes some study materials on:

·       Miracles of Jesus

·       Key points in the Life of Jesus

·       What Jesus said about certain topics

·       The most frequent words Jesus used

·       Parables of Jesus

 The book is meant to introduce Christians to a different way of seeing Jesus by focusing on just what He said and the things He emphasized the most. After reading the book you will find out that the topic Jesus focused on most while He was here on earth is God followed by Heaven. The hope is that it will challenge Christians to take a closer look at their Christian walk in comparison with what matters most to Jesus and where necessary realign our own objectives/focus to His.

It is also a great tool for evangelism as most unbelievers would not read the Bible if you gave one to them, but they might read a book. Once the book is in their hands, we can leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.

GENRE: Christian, Religious.

Pages: 166

Publisher: Gracesprings Africa Publishers

Year: 2016. Paperback


·       For those of you outside Nigeria, the book is available in ebook version on Kindle on this link       http://amazon.com/dp/B01HU7XKQG



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·       The Fountain of Life Church Bookshop, 12 Industrial Street, Ilupeju, Lagos.

·       Glendora Bookshop, City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

·       JED Place, 1st Floor, The Palms Mall, Lekki, Lagos.

·       Just Bibles, 73 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.img_20160920_081129