Charlotte City Council votes to expand LGBT protections, including bathroom rights for transgender people

Voting before a packed City Council room, which held three hours’ worth of citizen debate and comments, Charlotte City Council approved Monday, Feb. 22, an expansion of nondiscrimination protections to include LGBT persons.

The most controversial aspect of the new city ordinance will allow for those identifying as a gender other than their birth gender to use their gender-identifying public restroom. Supporters hailed the new regulations as much-needed in a city where a business can decide to serve or not serve based on LGBT issues.

On Sunday, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCory threatened state legislative action if Charlotte City Council approved the measure.

Gov. John Kasich signs bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio

More than $1 million in available funds for Planned Parenthood in Ohio, though the group wasn’t specifically named, will be gone from Ohio’s upcoming budget after presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich signed the bill Sunday, Feb. 21.

Ohio’s new law won’t allow organizations that perform abortions to receive state or federal funds for any service they provide. Kasich’s state become’s the 10th state legislature to stand up against funding services for groups that provide abortions.

False story about Rubio’s response to Cruz’s father reading the Bible leads to firing

After sharing a video with inaccurate subtitles that portrayed presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio as poking fun of the Bible, candidate Sen. Cruz demanded his national spokesman’s resignation Monday.

The original article, which contains a video of Rubio walking by and commenting on a Bible-reading Rafael Cruz and has subtitles added by college media staffers, was posted by media from the University of Pennsylvania. It has now been amended by removing what staffers thought was being said by Rubio.

After being shared by Cruz’s spokesman without proof of validity, Cruz said he demanded Rick Tyler’s resignation despite Tyler’s public apology.

I want to apologize to Senator Marco Rubio for posting an inaccurate story about him here earlier today. The story…

Posted by Rick Tyler on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Valentine’s Day gives new meaning to country singer caring for his dying wife

Country music duo Joey + Rory have captivated fans worldwide as Joey shares his journey taking care of his cancer-stricken wife in her last days. And his latest post on their Valentine’s Day together was another “Week to Remember,” as Joey entitled it.

In a special moment after Valentine’s Day, Joey and Rory together celebrated their daughter Indiana’s second birthday, which was a wish for Rory as she enters her finals days. The couple has gained a massive blog following since Rory’s diagnosis of inoperable cancer in 2015.

Michigan man arrested after police say he shot and killed random people Saturday night

Kalamazoo, Michigan, was rocked over the weekend after six people were randomly shot and killed and two others shot and injured by a man who police said clocked into his Uber job and ferried passengers around the city later that evening.

One family described riding in Jason Dalton’s Uber car after learning there was an active shooter on the loose, even joking with the later arrested-and-charged Dalton, “You’re not the shooter, are you?” Police have no known motivation for the random killings.

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