The collaboration has sparked an online debate with several persons of the opinion that a gospel minister should not be seen collaborating with a secular act. Others believe everyone is the same in the eyes of God and being a secular act does not stop Nicki Minaj from singing a gospel song.

But it seems former infinity “Olori Oko” Member “Kenny Kore” Is not happy about it and he took to his IG account to condemn the act. He said.

“Tasha Cobbs collaboration with the soft pornography rap artist Nicki Minaj Is an #INSULT to Christianity.

Jesus hung out with sinners, and they #CHANGED,

let’s hope that Nicki Minaj would start covering up and continue to sing gospel songs after this collaboration, and not that Tasha Cobbs is about to become the next Mali Music.

I’m inviting my brother Olumati Isaiah to a healthy debate on the subject on my facebook page.

Let our character as Christians show forth as we disagree and or agree… THE TEST OF MATURITY IS NOT HOW WELL WE AGREE, BUT HOW WELL WE DISAGREE.


You can read more via his IG @kennykore


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