daddy freeze on tithing
open letter to daddy freeze on tithing
daddy freeze on tithing
open letter to daddy freeze on tithing
Dear freeze,
I’ve really spent time reading your write ups about tithing, first of all I like the fact that you make it clear that giving of tithe to the church is by choice and not by force but at the same time you’re contradicting yourself because you quote a bible verse In a post on ThisDay website (link to post on your IG bio) which spoke about God saying our tithe should be given to the levites, which technically means we need to look for levites anywhere in the world and give them our tithes lol, this was where I realize your carnality needs an exorcism.
God said the tithes should be given to the levites because they were working in the house of God and had no other work they could get wages from, this is on same verse you quoted. This verse means if you work in the house of God without external work you get wages from, you’re entitled to receive tithe, which means a man of God works in the house of God can receive our tithes and others who works in the house of God with no other means of wages can also receive our tithe, it’s between them and God to know if they are preaching the right gospel.
If we should agree to your fact that tithe should be given to the levites, that means we can’t refer ourselves as children of Israel so the promise God made to children of Israel can’t be ours? Cos we are children of Nigeria?
Tithe is not for the less privileged, you can have a good heart give to the less privileged it’s a good thing but it’s not referred to as tithing. You also quoted a verse which was saying we are to give our tithes with agricultural products, so if I want to give my tithe right now I should get a farm and do agric? You need to know that references of the Bible are made by resources available in those days, yes money was in existence, in that same verse God also instructed those who couldn’t bring their tithes because of distance can change their tithes to gold and spend it on themselves also “NOT FORGETTING THE LEVITES AROUND YOU”, which technically means you can give the levites (workers of God) money as your tithe.
Yes tithing is by choice and not by force, i’ve not heard where a famous man of God forces his members to give tithes, they preach about it and most times use the word “must” I see you as a learned person and should know the difference between “must” and “force”.
Tithing is one of the few ways to release God’s blessings, you need to know that not all success and wealth comes from God, even the devil blesses people, like a sex worker that makes good money sleeping with different men buying cars and building house, would you refer that to as God’s blessing? No, that’s a reward from the devil for doing his work, which in this age in time rewards from the devil seems normal to most people.
Tithing is not for everybody but if you believe in God and wants his blessings tithing is one of the means to get it, you can decide not to tithe and do other things instructed by God and get his blessings or do the devil’s work and get his reward.
You keep quoting bible verses but all you do is read words, you don’t understand the message caused you are deemed with carnality.
You also said “Believing without tithing can get you salvation but tithing without believing can’t get you salvation” another way I knew you’re just a carnal man, believe won’t get anyone salvation, only holiness gets salvation, why do we go to church? Cause we believe in God, so does that mean everyone who goes to church would get salvation?
You posted this picture below on your IG:
daddy freeze instagram post about tithing
daddy freeze instagram post about tithing
Was there cars and private jet during the time of Jesus?
Can a donkey ride you from Nigeria to U.S to preach the gospel?
Was there traffic jam during the time of Jesus?
No man on earth is Jesus we are only like him because we can be called the sons of God by faith and believe but we can’t die and resurrect after 3 days, if God blesses his servant to a level where he can conveniently afford a private jet for easy movement to preach/impact the gospel and he decides to ride on a donkey because Jesus did it, if a sniper shoots him dead there’s no miracle that would bring him back to life caused that’s pour foolishness which God has asked us to be wise.
Yourself who don’t have the billions or millions these men of God have, can you ride on a donkey from your home to your workplace? In the name of being humble?.
I didn’t write this letter for you to publicly accept your wrong, because a man who is full of wisdom but ignorant on a subject will always find a way twist words in defense of his ignorance.
Please and please find a new niche to put your intelligent write ups on and leave tithing for the tithers and pray to God wholeheartedly before you read the Bible so he can give you understanding.
My name is Stephen, you can call me Ofishea.
IG: @ofishea_    Twitter: @ofishea


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