Many times we have come across people who would have given their own definition of who an Ideal Christian was or should be.

Some would even force you to accept their own views and when you don’t, they say you are not a true Christian … LOL…

Well am here again with my Opinion on this one and I would like to talk about who AN IDEAL CHRISTIAN is to ME.

Most people may see an ideal Christian as someone who goes to church 24/7 or should I say almost all the day of his or her life, I beg to differ.

Although been in the church always is one of the attributes and nature of a true and ideal Christian, these days we see even the evil one staying in the church almost all days all year to cover up their evil deeds.

To explain my points better I would like us to take a case study on our Lord Christ Jesus who is the savior of all Christian and whose ways we are meant to follow (CHRISTLIKE=CHRISTIAN).

-Jesus was a giver.

-He was and still is a helper.

-He is always ready to forgive.

-He gave his life that we may live.

-He loves all withholding nothing.

-He was a leader.

-He was humble.

-He was obedient To God’s word.

-he was faithful.

-He was prayerful.

-He was wise (NB: Wise not Cunning)

-He was virtuous.

-He was patient.

Here are some of the characteristics of Christ Jesus of which we are meant to follow if we want to live as ideal Christians but most of us who claim to be spiritual and the right type of Christians do not even do 1/3 of these.

Mind you this is no criticism junction it is just a call to order for us to realize our ways and try to live right in the proper manner instead of deceiving ourselves that we are the perfect Christians when we are not even fit to be called a worshipper of Christ.

In your day to day life, are you a giver, do you give to those in need. This does not necessarily have to be a beggar, it could be our next door neighbor or a close acquaintance who is in need of something we have or own; do you help those in need,” So that woman needed help getting an address, did you give listening ears and help her” ; many times people need our help one way or the other but for one reason or the other we decide not to help and if we are to judge ourselves, it will be quite easy- just think about it; If God was to give us the response we give to people when they ask for our help, would we get any help at all from him??? Am sure you know the answer.

So many people have offended you AND YET YOU FIND IT HARD TO LET GO OFF THE HURT YOU FEEL AND IT TURNS INTO A GRUDGE, yet you go to church, attend all programs and claim to be the IDEAL CHRISTIAN. You find it hard to let go or forgive therefore you keep things in your heart and keep boiling; If GOD THE FATHER IS ABLE TO FORGIVE US OF OUR SINS SO FAR WE COME TO TRUE REPENTANCE THROUGH THE SON JESUS CHRIST, how much of we humans and mere flesh to say we can’t forgive? You cannot classify this as the true trait of a real Christian.




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